The mission of the New Mainers Tenants’ Association (NMTA) is to create housing justice through empowerment-based education, outreach, leadership development, tenants' organizing, and advocacy on behalf of the new Mainers communities.  


Advancing Human Dignity: We believe that decent, safe and affordable housing is a human right. We support the right to private property, but recognize that communities and the government have an obligation to ensure the housing of all are met, especially poor and vulnerable people and their families.

Promoting Justice & Advocating for Economic Equity: NMTA works to achieve "housing justice" for all.

Building Solidarity: We can't achieve it alone. We believe in solidarity to achieve social justice.


  • We believe all tenants have the right to affordable decent housing, free from excessive and frequent rent increases
  • We believe all homes should be safe and secure in order to ensure the privacy of tenants
  • We seek to end arbitrary and all retaliatory actions against tenants
  • We believe that all people should have access to housing free from discrimination based on race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, lifestyle, age, family status, marital status, amount of source of income, or disability
  • We believe all tenants have the right to organize and determine the rules and conditions of their tenancy through collective bargaining or other means
  • We believe that all tenants have the right to live in the neighborhood of their choice, and we seek to advocate for the  increase of the supply of rental housing, particularly for low and middle income tenants
  • We believe that housing exists to meet a basic human need, and that when conflict arises between tenants' needs and owners' profits, the basic need for affordable decent housing must take priority over the economic interests of the landowners 

MEET SONIA IRAMBONA - Our Founder & Executive Director

NMTA was founded in 2014 by Sonia Irambona. After witnessing  herself housing discrimination for new Mainers in the Portland area, she was involved in an initiative that put together tenants, landlords and the City of Portland in a effort to foster a dialogue that would improve tenants/landlords relationships. Since then she has been involved in growing the association and its impact through advocacy, and empowerment with the housing ambassadors program. She has extended the association's services to most of the Greater Portland area reacting to the ongoing housing crisis in Portland.  


We are constantly learning about the challenges that the communities we serve are facing on housing issues. Those issues will be addressed through advocacy and new services as we are working for more funding and more community engagement. To learn more, please contact Sonia Irambona, our Executive Director at sonia@newmainersTA.org